The Power of Pausing

Jack Benny, the famous actor and comedian, was known for once saying: “It’s not so much knowing when to speak, but when to pause.”  

Public speakers know the power of pausing while speaking. Pausing aids in communication by allowing time to process what is said. 

The right timing in a pause in a conversation, over a meal or looking at beauty, can even encourage rich times of intimate sharing from the heart. 

It is good to take pauses in life.

While recently seeing the movie La La Land, it got me thinking about how a good Jazz musician understands the value of when to play and when not to play.

The musician allows the rest to carry the rhythm as much as the notes. Soul is put into the music as both rests and notes carry the rhythm

In like manner, I've discovered that great wine is made with pauses. 

For example, prior to fermentation, there is a pause as crushed grapes undergo cold soaking and phenolic elements are extracted. 

Then, in the fermentation process, it is necessary to do periodic punch downs during the day.

These punch downs force the rising cap of grape skins to be submerged. They then gently rise to the top of the fermentation vessel. 

This rhythm of rest and motion extracts special goodies from the grape skins through a micro-oxidation process.

This process also keeps the grape skins from experiencing acetic acid build up by being exposed to too much oxygen. 

Then there is a massive pause as the wine undergoes barrel aging and subsequent time in a bottle.

During this time various tannins in the wine link up with each other to help produce some of the silky smooth traits and flavors that are so desirable to have in a fine wine.

What Jack Benny said about the importance of pausing is true with just about everything in life.

I think it is good to take pauses in life - especially time in which one appreciates beauty and strives to listen with the heart.

That is why at Kinship winery we make wine that is meant to be sipped more than just guzzled.

I call it making wine with soul - i.e. wines that help in the flourishing of life by enhancing times of pausing. 

Try it and see. I promise, you will not be disappointed. 


Jess Knauft, Kinship Winery

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Debra Knauft