Love + Time = A Fantastic Future!

Love is a four letter spelled, TIME! 

That’s is what I often say as a wedding officiant, as I look into the star struck eyes of a couple deeply in love.

In the world of wine making, taking time to do something right is an important quality. 

Great wine makers need to pay careful attention to all that goes into crafting a fine wine and that takes lots and lots of TIME!

For example, one of the most important secrets of wine making is to pick grapes at just the right time - so that the final product results in a wine that is a joy to taste.  

If grapes are picked before they are reach physiological ripeness, a wine can end up having a cranberry shrill taste and a disappointing aftertaste. 

Grapes picked too early can be responsible for unripe stems and jacks slipping through the de-stemming process into the fermentation process.

This can result in the imparting of bitter and astringent flavors during the fermentation process.  

Studies suggest that such under ripe harsh tannins can often be more responsible than a high sulfite content in the causing of headaches!

On the other hand, picking grapes too late can result in a mono dimensional flabby wine.

These wines can end up having dark plum notes which can overpower brighter notes such as strawberry like flavors. 

The sweet spot, so to speak, is to pick at just the right time. By doing so, a resulting wine can have a super rich fruit profile.

These wines can act in a positive synergistic manner to enhance food flavors of a meal or even a social occasion. 

Solomon once said, “there is a time for everything under heaven.” 

Just like there is a beneficial timing in picking wine grapes, so there is a timing that is important in developing great relationships. 

Like wine grapes that can be picked too early or too late, so there are times in a relationship where it is important to not rush things. There is a time... listen speak give gifts appreciate be appreciative embrace be intimate give others space

As the saying goes, “You are not born a winner. You are not born a loser. You are born a chooser.” It’s all a manner of making the right choices to take advantage of good timing in life. 

And that is something to think about as you take time to appreciate wine - especially "Kinship" wine.


Jess Knauft

Debra Knauft